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Must be filled out by each student-athlete
- Permission Form
- Insurance Waiver
- Athlete and Parent Code of Conduct forms ...


Fill out roster sheet complete student information and eligibility and submit copies to

Transfer Policy

If a student has attended another high school in the previous 12months, he/she must fill out the "APPLICATION FOR ATHLETIC ELIGIBILITY", regardless of whether or not the athlete participated in any sports. In ALL cases, this must be completed. Use the following links to access the athletic constitution and eligibility package. ...


Please fill out the uniform tracking sheet and submit a copy to Co-Instructional head
Collection of uniforms


As per constitution, a teacher-rep must be present on the bench during league games
If a game change request is needed to be made, fill out the appropriate game change form (this must be signed by both your co-instructional head and your principal before sent to opposing school) ...

Game Reporting Procedures

By 10 am the following day the winning team must submit the scores online


Please submit a copy of your team roster to attendance
Notify attendance when team needs to get out early for games or tournaments


As a staff rep, you must fill out a "COINSTRUCTIONAL REQUISITON FORM for TOURNAMENT/ACTIVITY" and cheque request form
You must also fill out a "TRIP FORM PACKAGE" when attending a tournament
Please see your local school for these forms


Schedules and sport regulations can be found online at ...

Accident Reports

Fill out and report ACCIDENT INCIDENT REPORT sheet and hand it into Main Office. ...

If your athlete is suspected to have attained a Concussion, please refer to the Concussion Protocol, and have the student fill in appropriate documentation: ...


Please check out the OPHEA safety guidelines for your sport ( For reasons of liability and student safety, it is in your best interest to do so.

Code of Conduct

Please refer to Coaches Code of Conduct as frame of reference for expected coaching behaviour. Please remember that coaching is an extension of the classroom, so conduct yourself accordingly. ...