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Hamilton Stormwater Week

Event starts Aug 14, 2023 and ends Aug 18, 2023

Mark your calendars for a week of community engagement and environmental enrichment as Hamilton Stormwater Week descends upon us from August 14 to August 18. This annual event, hosted by environmental group Green Venture, is driven by a collective passion for making Hamilton a more resilient and sustainable community. The week aims to educate, inspire, and rally the community toward responsible stormwater management.

Hamilton Stormwater Week 2023 is proud to announce an exciting lineup of events that promise both learning and enjoyment for all participants. Stormwater challenges and solutions have been top of mind for Hamilton residents in recent years, with the Chedoke Creek spill, newly discovered sewer cross connection errors, and increasing rain events resulting in untreated sewage being discharged into area waterways and Hamilton Harbour. The City of Hamilton’s Watershed Action Plan and the introduction of Stormwater Fees in 2025 are being planned to help mitigate issues caused by stormwater flooding. Come to our events to learn more!

Event Highlights:
1) Bayfront Park Walk (Monday, August 14, 6-8pm): Join Green Venture and the Bay Area
Restoration Council (BARC) for an evening walk at Bayfront Park. Experience the serenity of the
waterfront while learning about the bay, its issues and possible solutions.

2) Rain Garden Tour at St. John the Evangelist (Tuesday, August 15, 6-8pm): Explore the beauty of
rain gardens at St. John the Evangelist. This tour will demonstrate the role of rain gardens in
mitigating stormwater runoff and enriching the local ecosystem.

3) Beach Cleanup with HamOnt Youth (Wednesday, August 16, 5-7pm). Make a direct impact on our
local waterways as HamOnt youth leads a beach cleanup. Contribute to a cleaner shoreline while
engaging with others about environmental responsibility.

4) EcoHouse Open House (Thursday, August 17, 6-8pm) Join us to explore Green Venture’s
EcoHouse and be inspired by our tour of green infrastructure around the property. Local experts will lead discussions and answer questions directly. Don’t miss the chance to engage with these professionals and ask questions about rain gardens, rain barrels, permeable surfaces, and more. Be sure to stop by our native plant sale!

5) Picnic at the Pond (Friday, August 18, 6:30-8pm) Gage Park’s stormwater pond sets the stage for a delightful and educational evening with a focus on how the City of Hamilton is mitigating stormwater flooding and pollution.

How to Participate:
Participation in Hamilton Stormwater Week is open to all. Whether you’re a lifelong environmental advocate or a newcomer to sustainability, this week offers a chance to contribute to the well-being of our community and the environment. Join us in making a positive impact on our environment and fostering a brighter more sustainable future for Hamilton.

For detailed event information, including locations, times, and registration details, get your free ticket to the events at ...

 Hamilton Stormwater Week